V6 Engine Power in Kia Sorento

V6 Engine Power in Kia Sorento


Kia has been known for its great and reliable performance. However, the designs were quite regular and nerdy, not compatible at all with the overall performance. But now Kia comes with a new stylish design. It’s so beautiful, it’s like Kia has been gone through transformation from regular caterpillar to beautiful and elegant butterfly.

The new look of Kia Sorento is buff and muscular, looking strong on the 18-inch alloy wheels. The engine is V6 engines capable of 276 hp along with automatic 6 speed transmissions, which is also fuel friendly.

The interior side is elegant and classy, with leather seats, navigation system, climate control for dual zone, Bluetooth connectivity, and Infinity sound system. It has enough storage areas below the climate controls and on center console. It has panoramic sunroof access, to provide enough light and sun rays during day driving.

However, Sorento still has several minor problems which can be improved and fixed for later production. Sometimes the ride isn’t smooth, with sudden little bump or shakes, which isn’t horrible or annoying. But still, you can feel the lag. The compartment area on the rear side isn’t as spacious as other competitors. I guess it’s because of the sloping-down design. But other that that, this car looks cool and it feels right.

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Drowsy Driving Counter Attack

drowsy driving

Drowsy driving also listed as one of the causes of fatal car crash that results in lost of life and fatal injury. Most drivers are not aware when they are sleepy or exhausted. Here are some warning sign of drowsiness that may help you aware you are in a need of a break when you are on the road.

The first sign is he/she is turning up the radio or rolling down the window. This sign is usually followed by excessive yawning and rapid blinking. The worse thing could ever happen is a sign of light nap which occurs from 2 to3 seconds.  Another sign is that the driver has problem in focusing on cars or other objects. He/she find it difficult to concentrate while driving as well as losing hi/her ability to read traffic signs and sometimes drifting out of the road.

In case these signs shown here are the things you can do to protect yourself. You will need to take a nap for 15-20 minute.  Consume a caffeine supplement, a caffeinated beverage or coffee might help as well. Pull over for a moment and do some physical exercise would be wise. Still, to stop and sleep for eight hours is the best choice of all.

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Cadillac CTS 2005-2007 Recalling


Your car is supposed to offer you some kind of peace and safety. It’s supposed to be like a sanctuary for you. But when there’re problems regarding it, especially in the safety feature, you can no longer trust your ride anymore.

Concerning safety issue with the airbags, General Motors are recalling their Cadillac CTS models, from 2005 to 2007, with total about more or less 109,000 units. The recalling is connected to airbags malfunction which won’t deploy in emergency situation. The cause of it was reported because of a fold in the sensor pad placed on the seat. The pad can detect when someone sits there. There’s something wrong with the mechanism of the sensor and its relation to the failure in passengers’ airbags to function well.

GM officials stated that so far there were no reports of incidents or injuries related to the problems. If the airbags don’t function, the status indicator for them is still off on the rearview mirror. So then the indicator will shine and a warning error sign will appear at the Driver Information Center.

The owners for 2005-2007 models will be notified so that they could visit the nearest dealer and have the pad replaced for no cost at all.

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Acura TSX Wagon

acura tsx wagon

Station wagon was once the leader in automotive market, with most of American families drove it around. Wagon was even considered as a symbol for American families’ ride. Whenever you see an image of wagon, you’d be instantly referring to America.

But it was a long time ago, before the invention of minivans. After the minivan, the wagon started to diminished in existence. Moreover after later on the SUV also started to appear and took over the success of wagon since the ’90s. The glory of station wagon was only past history.

Now it seems the wagon started to achieve their old success again, although not as successful as before. Thanks to Audi A4 Avant and Lexus CT200h, the wagon is back on the market again.

The Acura TSX Wagon even offered a new look for their product. It has new over top look, different from the Audi style. The Acura TSX has made improvements in eliminating the road noise and it has good balance. Other facilities provided are the Bluetooth connection, USB port, rails on the roof, moonroof, leather seats with heating system and satellite radio. It’s also cheaper than Audi A4. But it still uses the 4 cylinder 2.4 liter engine and automatic transmission.

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7 Cars (Not) Appropriate as Gifts

pontiac sunfire

If you, say, have extra cash and you want to give a car for present for your beloved ones, make sure you don’t buy the following cars. Giving gift is supposed to giving out happiness and joy, not depression or frustration or even anger.

These are why the following cars are the bad choice in giving gifts:

1. Saab 9-3 Cabriolet

The car may look stylish with convertible design, but it has serious issues in riding control. Don’t expect smooth ride, although you’re using manual or automatic transmission.

2. Ford Contour

It was originally built for Europeans, so if you’re big and burly, you might have some problems with the size. Its major element also seems to have problems, starting from engine, transmission, and others.

3. Kia Amanti

It’s difficult to drive and handle, added with trouble in suspension.

4. Volkswagen New Beetle

It’s not fuel friendly at all, with boring interior and hideous looking plastic flower on the dashboard.

5. Pontiac Sunfire

It tried to look sporty and cool but failed completely.

6. Land Rover Freelander

It’s difficult to handle with steering problems. The controls are cheap looking and the wheels are easily get corrosion that they’ll be difficult to remove.

7. Chevrolet Aveo

Almost all parts are troublesome, making it the worst car ever produced.

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