Turkish Design For NYC’s Future Taxi

Turkish Design For NYC’s Future Taxi

Turkish Design For Future NYC's Taxi

The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission previously has started a polling to their residents about the new taxi design for the future transportation. Many automakers from around the world has sending their design. Now, the NYC People has voted and theyfound the the design from Ford and Nissan still have something to work. Turkish company, Karsan, is the winner.

The design must fulfil some requirements such as safety, small environmental impact, smaller than the Crown Victoria, and more. About 66 percent of the respondents choose the Karsan V1, and this is enough to crown the vehicle to be the next generation of NYC’s Taxi. There are some unique features in this car such as a panoramic glass roof and two wheelchair ramps on its side. It is a hybrid car, which means that the cabbies will save their fuel if the commission choose this V1 as their new taxi.

Beside it is hybrid, it will easily adapt to other fuel sources that it needs such as diesels, natural gas, or even a fully electric. The city seems to be using the results of the survey as their consideration when they make a final decision later this year. But I hope that it is only the car who is Turkish, not their cabbies as NYC people can’t speak Turkish.

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Lamborghini Aventador In Different Angle

Lamborghini Aventador In Different Angle

Lamborghini might think that their stock of some spy shots of the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 car will be enough, but this isa wrong perception from the automaker as their customers wouldn’t think it will be enough to call of the hounds. Some team of spy shooters from Autoblog has managed to shoot on the upcoming replacement of Murcielago when the car was in an extreme weather testing near the arctic circle.

If you see it carefully and is able to see through the trippy tornado and snow camouflage on the car, you will find the real sinister face of the Aventador. The production version of this Aventador is might be using an even more angular front side and rear balance compare to what we have used to see from their supercars.

The rumors said that this upcoming car will be able to run from 0 to 60 mph in a tiny time of three seconds. This rage acceleration is coming from the 704 horsepower V12 engine that is delivering 509 pound feet of torque with it. This engine will be mated to an electrohydraulically actuated transmission which is able to swap cogs in 50 miliseconds. The details were still very limited, but I thikn it will be another level of supercar.

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Dodge Ram Runner Kit Will Be Legal

Dodge Ram Runner Kit Will Be Legal

The big news about the Ram Runner Concept has been buzzing at the moment. We are already know that Chrysler was planned to deliver a kit which is able to convert the Ram 1500 pickup into a beast in the dessert as you can see in the picture above. According to the report from PickupTrucks.com, the engineers from the company has able to pull some stunts to allow the vehicle to be completely street legal.

The biggest thing about this is that the conversion kit will make the vehicle wider from 68.2 inches in the front and 67.5 at the backside, into 77.5 and 74.5 inches each. Chryslwer wants everything to being right, so they had to thrown in some illuminated fender makers to increase the safety of the car.

Those are all the great news, but there is something more. Chrysler is also reported to mulling the notion for selling this Ram Runner as a turn key vehicle instead of an all new car which is available on your local dealer. If they are going to go that route, you might expect that Chrysler will turn to an outside builder in order to convert the Standard Ram 1500 trucks models to become a full Ford F-150 SVT Raptor’s competitor.

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Lexus LFA’s Donut Around A Supermodel

Lexus LFA's Donut Around A Supermodel

Nissanw as previously choosing to use their Juke to square off around a swimsuit clad supermodels, but now Lexus is taking another different approach with a pretty ladies. They are doing a donut. A photographer named Yu Tsai was taking some shot when this Lexus LFA car performung the donut around the pretty model named Rianne Ten Haken. In fact, he could simply do it himself with Photoshop, but he is deciding to capture the real thing.

The car is managed to succeed performing a perfect donut without hurting the lady witha swimsuit in the center. The phhoto shoow also requires some certain skill. Rhys Millen is being kind to lend his talented hands and feet so that this action goes off without a hitch. You can say that Millen has an awesome skill because they said that a car will follow your eyes, and somehow Rhys has managed to avert his view to the model.

You can see the video from YouTube here, and decide yourself on which will you stare without needing to have a steady arm and leg to take apicture. This step by Lexus is expanding the level for Sports Illustrated swimsuit that many people said it won’t be improve further.

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There Will Be No AWD Volkswagen Polo

There Will Be No AWD Volkswagen Polo

Some moment ago, Audi has adapt an all wheel drive technology to their A1′s platform. You might think that this is a sign that volkswagen will also do this on their Polo vehicles. Unfortunately, that was a wrong guess. While the A1 and Polo were in the same platform, the latest reports said that Volkswagen has no plans to bring an all wheel drive technology to theCrossPolo or an even hotter Polo R.

The reason is that Volkswagen never intender this car to bring an all wheel drive. But for Audi’s case, they saw it fit to tweak some stuff to bring a Quattro version to the A1. This potential had caused another speculation on how this could also be adapted for Volkswagen, but some reports said that VW feels the Polo R either with AWD or not, will join the limited space between the Polo GTI on the picture above, and the Golf GTI.

In addition, they are saying that the CrossPolo is already welcomed pretty well with its front wheel drive form, and even when Audi has done this to their car, an additional expense to bring an all wheel drive stuffs to the high riding Polo is believed to be wouldn’t worth the return.

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